Experience with clients

Here are some themes we looked at with clients.

The shape of the future
Anton is a young researcher with a post-grad position in a prestigious Italian university. Laura, his girlfriend, lives between Italy and the United States, she also wants to progress her career abroad.

Over two months Counseling supported Anton and Laura in making decisions about their professional and personal life.

Career change
 Luca, (48) married with children realized that working for a large pharmaceutical company provided him with security he needed, but he wanted to set up something new

We analysed Luca’s abilities and talents together with his values and expectations about his career and working life. Luca now runs a vintage car workshop allowing him to find a fulfilling profession in something he loves to do.

Moving to Italy
Nils, from Norther Europe, wanted to live in Italy with his Italian partner. However he was unable to move countries because of family commitments and difficulties in relocating his business.

Together Nils and I explored his motivations for moving to Italy and indeed his choice of an Italian woman as a life partner. We decided he should spend more time in Italy, enjoy the way of life and the problems that previously seemed insurmountable have faded away. He has since made the move and is living a much happier life.

Becoming a musician?
These days deciding to become a professional musician is a difficult choice. Paolo finds himself divided between a more secure traditional degree (as he calls it his “insurance degree”), or following his heart and becoming a musician.

We met both with and without Paolo’s parents, working on quantifying his doubts, and his reaction to uncertainty. We wanted to define how Paolo felt in such an uncertain situation: Did he revel in the freedom of this, or did he find not knowing what his future might be like too much to handle?