Experience with teams and groups

Here are some examples of work carried out within organisations.

Re-organising sales agents: retail

Employing independent sales agents can be a rewarding strategy for a company that wants to expand their business quickly. Ad-hoc contracts, different levels of experience and distance can sometimes prove difficult to manage.

I facilitated a company meeting in defining what was needed in terms of product delivery, pricing tiers and a priority based technical support system

Succession: production

An Italian company was going through a father to son succession.

The main theme of the consultancy was the integration of marketing, lead by the son, and production led by the father. Organizational consultancy was fundamental to clarify the priorities of the company, and in particular expansion in Far Eastern markets.

Public employment centres: public service

Employment Centres are in a time of transition: over and above the substantial administrative work, civil servants needed to learn how to provide career counseling to the unemployed. This required the staff to be more flexible to varying situations and take on new functions.

I designed and delivered a training program for the Employment Centre employees working with young people. This program was designed to use talents and natural dispositions employees had.

Tomorrow's top managers: large scale retail

The human resource manager of a large-scale distribution retail company needed to fast-tracking highly skilled and motivated young employees.

I designed and delivered a two-day training on soft skills for young people working in key roles of administration, sales, finance and IT departments.

Mobbing on the workplace: automotive

The 2008 economic crisis created a large number of mobbing cases in medium-sized companies that worked for car manufacturer FIAT.

In cooperation with a local NGO I run a self-help support group for people who were victims of mobbing on the workplace.