The creation of a culture where Talent can be identified and supported is a promising area for research within the field of organizational development. Leaders and HR specialists are searching for innovative ways to enhance working relationships and align them with the company’s objectives.


In the last two years I have been developing an international organizational consultancy project with Gerrie Hughes at Pario Consulting (Wales, UK). Through projects with our Italian and British clients, we have developed an approach for supporting the growth of talents in organisations. Our work is influenced by the applied research the Gestalt community is carrying out around the world.

In short

Here are some basic concepts that our clients have appreciated:

  • -> People become aware that they need to develop a talent in response to their circumstances and environment
  • -> Often, the understanding that a talent is needed just on the edge of awareness. With the right support, people can bring it fully into awareness and facilitate its development
  • -> Rarely a talent is a “special” ability, something almost super-human. Acquiring a new talent entails a shift in the way a person think about himself
  • -> Developing new talents entails a creative reorganisation of abilities that people already have 
  • -> New talents emerge in response to organizational necessity, so can build on existing resources and anticipate future demands

Future of Talentbox

Talentbox is an exciting and innovative project. We are developing it through both consultancy work and research. If you want more info on the project please get in touch with me here.